The “Try It” Challenge Intro and Vlog!!

Piggybacking one new habit with a regular routine

is a great way to introduce a new change.”

From “Reshaping it all” by Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht

One of my goals (if you want to call it that) of having a blog is to teach you and introduce you to new things. I’d like to invite YOU (and any other friends you would want to add) to Peak 313’s first CHALLENGE!!

Check out my (first ever–yikes!!) video below for more info!

The challenge will be to add the item 4 out of the 7 days of the week. It might be overexposure, but at least you’ll have a good idea if you will like it!

If you are accepting each week’s challenge and are a blogger – feel free to link up your blog – you do not need to write a post – although I’d love it if you put my button in your sidebar. If you are not a blogger – please leave me a comment and let me know “you’re in!”

Be sure to sign up on the front page (under feedburner) to get the blog updates via email, connect with me via facebook, or twitter.

I’ll see you back here next Monday, April 4th to start off the “Try It!” challenge!!

(If you would like to know the items ahead of time due to grocery shopping, budgeting, car availability or any other reason, please send me a message and I’ll privately send what I have directly to you! I’d like to keep them a secret for most people, but I’m totally up for helping you out!!!)


  1. says

    Hello I just come from Courtney blog and discover you blog seem to be so exciting challenge I will try to make it.
    Blessings from France

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Janelle–I need to get my head with you on some of the items….Hmmmm. Maybe a joint effort here!!!

  2. Lisa V. says

    Just bookmarked your site. Looking forward to following your blog. I’m having my 2nd child this week and anxious to begin a new fitness and health routine soon after.

  3. says

    This looks like a great challenge! I’ve researched quite extensively about nutrition, but implementing it into my family’s daily routine can be quite hard. Hoping for some great ideas!

  4. Sharon says

    I can’t wait to see what the new food items are to add into our diets. I have a 14 month old and I feel like we’ve been pretty good about introducing her to a variety of foods, but I am a picky eater and my husband and I wonder what’s gonna happen as she gets older and sees that I don’t eat everything I should (and that we will encourage her to eat!!)

    • Clare@peak313 says

      That’s a tough one. I think the fact that you are already introducing items to her is great. She will probably develop a taste for them. As she gets older, I’m sure you can have discussion over the differences in taste!!! You may have trouble around 3-4 yrs of age, but you’ll get thru it!!!
      Just think–as adults, our tastes change so you can be assured theirs will too!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      I do Holly!! It’s on the “contact” page at the bottom. I probably should move that to the front, eh?
      Thanks for linking me up on your blog too!

  5. says

    Hi Clare!

    I love this idea and would love to participate. I’m concerned though about not knowing what each one is until Monday. We are a one car (and three children 4 years through 7 months) family and do our grocery shopping twice a week… usually on weekends when we are able to since my husband has the car with him during the week. Would you reconsider leaking the foods you want us to try before the weekends so that those of us in my situation can still participate?

    Thanks for encouraging us to be healthier!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Hi babychaser! I’ve already thought of this and because of it, I did think about divulging the info.

      I’d prefer to keep them quiet until the release, HOWEVER, I’ll totally let you in on the item of the week! I’ll visit your blog and send you a message.

      BTW–I haven’t nailed down 100% all 4 items–I have a few I’m going between so the best I can do is weeks 1 and 2 until we get a little furhter into the challenge!!!

  6. Sue says

    Love your VLOG:) You did a great job for your first one!

    (BTW: earrings were super cute!)

    Of couse I am up for a challenge….I will be back Monday!

  7. Heather says

    I “found” you on women living well. I am looking forward to your challenges and learning new things. I’m trying to develope new, life-long habits that will take me back to my “old” self and keep me there! Two kids, 30, stay at home mom – struggling to learn!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Hey heather! Sounds like you and I are very similar!! 2 kids, sahm and I JUST turned 31!!! Hope you find some things here you like!

  8. says

    Clare, thanks for this challenge! I love help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, looking forward to each challenge! I tried to add your button to my blog but it wasn’t working, I’ll keep trying :).

  9. Sharon H. - Texas says

    Came over from Courtney’s blog. Between teaching and having a junior in high school, I need help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to the challenge.

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Hi Sharon! It is a hard balance, isn’t it? Hope you can find some things to encourage you along the way!

  10. says

    Kasondra gave me the information for this, and I am in! I will blog about it as well. Looking forward to getting started! Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up a healthy lifestyle with all that college and life throw at me, but I’m sure this will help.

  11. Jessica says

    I love your vlog! (Isn’t the word “vlog” funny?? lol!) Looking forward to next Monday to see what the challenge is.

  12. Kim A. says

    Clare! So nice to hear/see you in person! What a GREAT First-time vlog–it looked like it was “old hat” to you! You’re a natural! :)
    I’m up for trying this challenge! What a creative idea–keep us all coming back for more! :) Blessings to you. (It was 19 degrees here this morning, but the sun is shining brightly, so I’m heading out for my run here soon!!)

  13. Tara says

    Hi Claire! I found you through Courtney, and am excited to try some new things. I really need to shake up my routine, as I’ve definitely fallen into a rut and can tell a difference in my body. After two kiddos, with my youngest getting ready to turn 3, I don’t think I can call the extra pounds ‘baby weight’ any more…it’s all me! Hopefully this will encourage me to break the cycle and move forward!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Hey Tara! I think we all get into a rut from time to time. I’m sure you’ll find something here that will help!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Summer says

    Always looking for fresh new ways to make my diet healthier! Would love to take on your challenge. Love you blog (and vlog!) You definitely encourage me!

  15. says

    I love your blog! Exactly what I need… This sounds like a great challenge! I am in! May I maybe translate some of your challgenge-posts on my German blog? That would be wonderful!!! Katja

  16. Karen says

    Hey, Claire! I’ve been reading your blog since the day you started, and I just wanted to let you know that you are such a blessing! I read your post about Cameron’s book, so I bought it. It truly is the best motivator I’ve read. I’ve made my plan and “counted the cost.” I’m finally on my way to getting the remainder of this baby weight off :) Keep giving the great advice! And, I’m definitely in on your challenge.


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