The POWER of a Partner!

Part of my success of being consistent and having fun with my health journey is having a partner! There’s no question that I wouldn’t be where I am without them! I’m at The Better Mom telling you how my partner got my rear in gear after the birth of my second child, and why I can’t live without them! Do you have partners or are you going at it alone?

The Power of a Partner |


  1. Teyre says

    Ugh! I do not have a partner, but know that out is imperative in keeping me motivated. Thanks for lighting a fire in me to find one!!:-)

  2. says

    Having a partner while working out is so much better than doing it alone. I can’t wait to get back to working out and spending time with them. I miss that the most…the fellowship time. What a blessing Claire to workout with Candace!


  3. Sarah says

    I loved having a workout partner before I was married and had our daughter. Now the people I know, enjoy just chatting and walking on the treadmill, which I don’t enjoy at all. I want to get sweaty and work hard and not care what I look like. My friend who gets this the best is in Ohio and I’m in Washington state. We are planning on running a half marathon on my birthday this year and I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick with the training without her around. It’s hard to not have that encouragement in person.

  4. says

    Back when I was doing MMA (a long long time ago that was) I found how difficult it is to find a partner who would actually share your enthusiasm. So those of you who have found someone like that, take a very good care of each other!!

    I personally have switched the partner idea to having measurable goals and that’s a great driver, too.

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