The Muffin-Top Makeover

Muffin-Top. Yikes. We all hate them and I get asked many times how to get rid of them. Remember that no matter how often you do the exercises below, you MUST change your diet! What you eat is the most important thing to getting rid of that muffin-top! Think lean, clean, and green!

** Please note that this post was originally on another site which is no longer around. (I get lots of requests for this, so here it is! :) ) So if you see me reference “Roomag”, that’s why! Any questions about the exercises, just leave them in the comments below!!

Muffin-Top Makeover (free printable) :

1) Side Laying Lift

Lay on your side. Place the bottom arm straight out in front of you and the top arm bent, behind your head. Stack your hips and simultaneously lift your upper body as you lift your upper leg. Exhale at the top, inhale as you go down. I want you to initiate from the hip first, then bring the rest of the body up! Switch sides!

2)  Punch Up Punch Out

Place your hands behind your head with elbows wide. Bring your legs up and bend them. “Punch” both legs up as you lift your bottom off the floor with control, then bring them back to starting position. “Punch” them straight out (keep bottom on floor) and then back to starting position. Repeat. Exhale as you lift up and out.

3) Floor Hyperextensions

Lay on the floor on your belly. Place both hands behind your head. Keep the top of your feet on the mat. Lift up with your upper body, then come back down. You want to feel controlled on the way up and the way down. Tighten your belly and bottom as you do this. Exhale up, inhale down.

4) Kneeling Ankle Touches

Knee on the floor, with chest lifted. Place both arms out in front of you. Slightly lean back as you draw one arm back and touch the ankle. Come back up. Do the same thing on the other side. Do not “buckle” in the midsection. If you feel like you arm, make a smaller ranger of motion (also, the modification).

5) Break the board

Stand up. Bring one knee up to your chest as you bring both arms down. Imagine you are “breaking a board”. Exhale as you come down and inhale as you come up. Really tighten the belly and control up and down.


  1. kelly says

    Any way you an show these series of exercises in a video? Am having trouble with understanding a couple such as the punch up and out. Plus, I love your videos…you are such an inspiration and motivator. Thank you for considering.

  2. says

    These are great! I am teaching some teen girls in a fitness class at our co-op today and will use these (and your other cardio moves) to give them a good workout. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Meg says

    I just came across your GREAT blog and am going to be doing the Living Active challenge! Even though I’m VERY late to the official challenge party! 😉 I tried to navigate to RooMag for the Muffin Top Makeover printable, but alas, it’s gone! :( Any other way to access it? Thanks!

  4. Tynaea says

    I agree, can you repost the Muffin Top makeover, it’s not on RooMag anymore since she has moved. The furthers back the posts go is August 2012. Thanks! BTW, love your blog.

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