Shoulder Workout and Workout Clothes Review (featuring Target® and Popsugar)

There are many fun things about being a fitness blogger and one of those things is doing reviews! So when I had the chance to review some  Target® C9 activewear collection, for Popsugar Select, I jumped at it because about 60% of my current workout line includes items from them! Hang on because after I […]

PUMPkin Power: Full Body Workout Using a Pumpkin! + Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Recipe!

Pumpkin Workout & Protein Smoothie! |

I was inspired one day while moving our 4 pumpkins around on the porch. I create a workout out of nearly anything, so I thought I’d create a routine that has a festive theme! This workout is for anyone who needs to pop in an exercise, but doesn’t have the time to get to the […]

“Good Time” Weighted Ab Routine (Video & Printable!)

I’ve had this routine in the back of my mind for a while but just haven’t had a chance to tape it for you! Abs are like any other muscle group in the body–we can use weights to add more muscle and get more definition, but they also must be rested. (Giving them at least […]