The problem is your FEEDING not your EATING

2 natures beat within my chest..

Today’s struggle with be with your FEEDING not EATING. You will feel the tension primarily in 2 areas: – faith or fear – flesh or spirit Feast yourself on truth–that which is pure, holy, upright, and good. Disregard the empty calories of lies, fast promises, & words that only tickle your ears. You will be […]

When Obedience To God Includes Running Shoes & Weights {The Better Mom}

Has God ever relentlessly pursued your heart about something? He has for me–and one of those things was this blog, Peak313. Today I’m sharing at The Better Mom the exact moment I *finally* gave into Him. It was that random moment when obedience to God included running shoes and weights. (This post is part of […]

“You are loved” Book Giveaway and Info on Next GMG Study!

Hi friends! I am SO excited to share with you this post today! My sweet friends Angela Perritt and Sally Clarkson teamed up to write a new book called, “You are loved”! and I’m giving away some copies of it! Here is Angela and I a couple years ago at the Allume conference….. And Sally […]