Frustrated in your health journey? Find your sweet spot!

FRUSTRATED in your health journey? Find your sweet spot! :

There are some posts where God works on my heart by just marinating a subject for a while. He gives me something–either by my own revelation, or a comment from someone–and then adds on top of it as the weeks pass. It’s a gradual process but by the end of it, I feel so strongly […]

Finding your Moderation Rx: Why my moderation won’t look like your moderation.

Finding your moderation Rx: Why my moderation won't look like your moderation :

“Everything in moderation” It’s a phrase that we hear often and that many fitness folks throw around. But what exactly is moderation? Should we all have the same kind of moderation? What’s allowed and what isn’t? ♥♥♥ A few weeks ago, I was circling the snack table at my Tuesday morning Bible study. There are […]

How Purpose, Intensity and Consistency Rocked My Body This Year

How Purpose, Intensity, and Consistency ROCKED my body this year |

(…and when I say “rocked” I’m not saying that in a bragging way. I mean it as a “Holy cow–it hit it like a ton of bricks” way! I share this post for a few reasons (which I’ll detail, below) but none of which is to brag. I hope you all know me by now […]

How comparison stole my joy this month


You saw how I “kicked it up a notch” in April, but you haven’t heard yet how I struggled this month. I consider myself pretty honest, open person. I don’t expect to be any different on this blog, so here I am. Full disclosure. ♥♥♥ Being part of the fitness industry requires me to stay […]