The Slide Effect (Product Review)

The Slide Effect

Oh I’ve got another great product review for you! Introducing, “The Slide Effect“! It’s sort of like a Total Body Gym/Pilates/TRX system rolled into one! I am a big fan of using resistance cords/bands in workouts and this fitness product puts them together in a unique way! First off, here’s what you get when you order one: […]

New Move Monday: Upper Body V-Series with Band


I’m not exactly sure what happens to me when I get in front of a camera, but I’m all of a sudden….nice?! I do NOT teach like this in front of my class—at least from what my students say! This exercise will work the upper body: chest, upper back, shoulders and triceps!! It’s easy to […]

New Move Monday: Push-Up with a Band

Clare's exercises Dec2008 017

I’m just gonna tell you right now. This is hard. It kills me everytime I do it! However it is one THE BEST tricep workouts out there! Work your way up on the reps and don’t be ashamed if you can’t get a lot done at once! ♥♥♥ (Instruction under the picture) Get on all […]