The “Spring Clean EATing” Challenge: Check-in and…What Now?

The "Spring Clean EATing" Challenge : What Now? (& check-in) :

We just finished up the spring clean eating challenge. I’m sure it was an interesting experience for many of you, especially if it was the first time for you to do something like this! I hope that you all learned a few things about yourself as you went through this week. One of my favorite sayings […]

The “Spring Clean EATing” Challenge: Let’s Go! (& some housekeeping)

So here we are- the night before our challenge starts! I want to address a few things and leave you with a few words of encouragement! First off, let’s talk about the end of the week treat. This does NOT have to be food-related! It’s totally up to you as to what that is. If […]

The “Spring Clean EATing” Challenge: My Meal Plan


Hey! Just popping in really quick here to give you what I’ll be eating for this week for The “Spring Clean EATing” challenge! I did not share this last year but decided that it may be helpful for some of you. I am a little leery about posting it just because I do not want […]