15 Easy Meal & Snack Weekly Prep Ideas…Suggested by YOU!!

15 Meal & Snack Prep Ideas : www.claresmith.me

A couple months ago I asked on my Facebook page….. Of course you all came through with flying colors! I loved your ideas and wanted to get them down on a post so everyone can benefit!! I am going to write a post later about meal planning 101 and some things to consider, but for […]

PUMPkin Power: Full Body Workout Using a Pumpkin! + Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Recipe!

Pumpkin Workout & Protein Smoothie: www.claresmith.me

I was inspired one day while moving our 4 pumpkins around on the porch. I create a workout out of nearly anything, so I thought I’d create a routine that has a festive theme! This workout is for anyone who needs to pop in an exercise, but doesn’t have the time to get to the […]