WAKE: Turn, drop, and shuffle! (Full Body Video!)


Well heyyyyyyy!!! I’m about 4 months later than I wanted to be on posting this video. Ooops! ┬áThere are times when I just chuck a routine if it’s taken too long to tape, but not this one! I love it! Many of you love the routine I created to “Alive” and you’ll be happy to […]

Alive: Praise Pumps and Punches (Video)


You guys. Something is up because this is 2 videos in 2 weeks!! It’s very hard for me to actually do exercise stuff anymore on the blog (ironic, since I am exercising all the time), but it just takes much more for me to get it done and usually it’s the thing that gets shuffled […]

PUMPkin Power: Full Body Workout Using a Pumpkin! + Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Recipe!

Pumpkin Workout & Protein Smoothie: www.claresmith.me

I was inspired one day while moving our 4 pumpkins around on the porch. I create a workout out of nearly anything, so I thought I’d create a routine that has a festive theme! This workout is for anyone who needs to pop in an exercise, but doesn’t have the time to get to the […]

New Move Monday: Med Ball Taps (video)

New Move Monday: Medicine Ball Taps | peak313.com

“New Move Monday” has been in hiding for a while–it’s time to re-emerge! When Candace was in town a few weeks ago, I put her through one of my typical workouts. We taped one of my favorite active rest/plyo moves so I want to share it with you! When I do my weight routine, it […]