21 Days to a Hunger-Free (& Healthy!) Holiday! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


Hi friends! The past 2 years I’ve lead us through a 3-week challenge I called, “Hunger-Free (&Healthy) Holiday”! This year I’m not going to lead it live on the blog. (I need to take a little break from being online so much!) BUT, I still want it to be available to you, so I put […]

21 Days to a Hunger-Free {and Healthy!} Holiday:(Final) Week 3-Bread

21 Days to a Hunger-Free & Healthy Holiday: Week 3: Bread | peak313.com

We are on the FINAL week of our 21 day holiday challenge! I hope you all have been enjoying it and that it’s been beneficial to you and those around you! (To catch up, click below!) (Intro Week) (Week 1) (Week 2) ♥♥♥ This final week we are talking about Jesus being our BREAD! “Then […]

21 Days to a Hunger-Free {and Healthy!} Holiday: Week 2-Share

21 Days to a Hunger-Free (& Healthy!) Holiday Challenge. Week 2: Share | peak313.com

I hope you all are faring well with the challenge. I’ve had some awesome responses with it! If you have “messed up” this past week, then no worries! Just start fresh today! Any amount of money that you end up donating to the charity of your choice is worth it! And do not forget to […]