New Move Monday: Slide & Glide Abs Combo! {Video}


I told you a while back that I created a new ab routine using the gliding discs. (my newest favorite piece of exercise equipment) I finally got it recorded! If you don’t have gliding discs, feel free to use 2 carpet squares or 2 paper plates. Remember to dig the heels into the discs as […]

New Move Monday: Slide Out Slide In


This is TOUGH! Your abs and upper body will feel it sisters. I’m telling you, these gliding discs are such a great investment! (You can do this move alongside “Sliding W’s“!) Remember, if you don’t own these discs, then you can use paper plates! ♥♥♥ (Instruction below picture) Get on your knees and put your […]

New Move Monday: Sliding “W’s”


I introduced these gliding disks to you in August when I created the Deskie Workout. These are my current favorite addition to my everyday workout. They challenge my body in ways that I didn’t think was possible!! Here is a CHALLENGING exercise for the abs and upper body. REMEMBER: If you don’t own the gliding […]

The “Deskie” Workout {seated}


Last week, I presented to you the “Deskie” workout–exercises to do while standing at a computer. This week, I’m going to present to you exercises to do while seated! Don’t forget about the special discount Peak313 readers get at Fitness Wholesale! Use code FW15KF at checkout! ♥♥♥ Equipment Needed: – Small pilates ball (or a […]