The problem is your FEEDING not your EATING

Today’s struggle with be with your FEEDING not EATING. You will feel the tension primarily in 2 areas: – faith or fear – flesh or spirit Feast yourself on truth–that which is pure, holy, upright, and good. Disregard the empty calories of lies, fast promises, & words that only tickle your ears. You will be […]

That time my day was taken hostage…by my life

my day was taken hostage by my life

I wanted to share this Facebook update with those of you who aren’t on it, aren’t following me there (this is the perfect time to!), or forgot you hid my status updates. heehee. I’ve told you before–I do things a little backwards around here, often writing my blogs first via Facebook, then here. So here […]

“Dream it. Do it.” Vision Boards (Info)

Your 2014: "Dream it. Do It" Board : Slim Down and Shape Up Your New Year! :

Last year (2014), I took some of you through the process of creating a vision board for the year! I decided that I’m not going to do that this year, but I wanted to make this information available to you if you had interest in doing it again! Whether you officially make a vision board […]

How I use my SMARTphone to stay FIT (& a FREE hassle-free holiday resource!)

I LOVE my smartphone. I was late to the game in getting one, but I have been pleased with all the ways it’s helped me out! One of those areas, of course, is in my health! Accountability (yup, I need it), inspiration, food journaling…the list goes on and on. Check out my post on The […]