30 Minute Total Body Treadmill Workout

Plank Walk B. | peak313.com

Hey all! It’s my birthday and I wanted to give YOU a present! What says love better than a kick butt workout, right? Many of you have emailed me saying that you have a treadmill, but are tired of just running on it. You want to add some pizazz to your current routine but don’t […]

How Purpose, Intensity and Consistency Rocked My Body This Year

How Purpose, Intensity, and Consistency ROCKED my body this year | peak313.com

(…and when I say “rocked” I’m not saying that in a bragging way. I mean it as a “Holy cow–it hit it like a ton of bricks” way! I share this post for a few reasons (which I’ll detail, below) but none of which is to brag. I hope you all know me by now […]

52:7 Lower Body Workout {FREE Printable}


Many of you have seen and done my 31:17 Arm Workout, so I thought it was time to match a lower body workout! Proverbs 31:17 tells us that our arms need to be strong for the task. Isaiah 52:7 tells us how beautiful are the feet that bring GOOD NEWS! We need strong legs to […]

New Move Monday: Tricep Kickback on Ball

Clare's exercises Dec2008 033

I’m going back into some old pics I took a few years ago. I was 15 weeks pregnant with my 3 year old daughter if that tells you how far back! This exercise can also be done on a stable surface such as a bench. Adding the exercise ball works your balance and stability though! […]