“Eat Right. Exercise Daily. Die Anyway”: Why I Do What I Do.

Eat Right. Exercise Daily. Die Anyway: Why I Do What I Do www.claresmith.me

Have you seen this phrase floating around? I chuckle every time I see it because it kind of makes folks like me in the fitness world spin their heads a bit. I mean, honestly. Why are we spending all this time on our bodies if we are going to die anyway? Well, the point of […]

Why I’ll Never Be “The Skinniest” And Why I’m OK With That


Maybe it’s just a matter of semantics, but I’ll never be “the skinniest” gal around…and I’m ok with that. (See definition below) (Source) You can walk into any gym, store, church or school and find a lot of girls who weigh less and wear smaller clothes than me. This has bothered me in the past. […]

How comparison stole my joy this month


You saw how I “kicked it up a notch” in April, but you haven’t heard yet how I struggled this month. I consider myself pretty honest, open person. I don’t expect to be any different on this blog, so here I am. Full disclosure. ♥♥♥ Being part of the fitness industry requires me to stay […]