New Move Monday: Stomp the Ceiling

No equipment? No problem! This is a great strengthener for the lower back, glutes and legs. This move can also be done on the exercise ball, but today I’ll demonstrate for the floor. Add this move to your routine a few times a week and you’ll feel much taller and tighter through the midsection!


(Instruction under the Photo)

Lay with your chest/belly on the floor. Place both hands underneath your forehead. Bend both legs and keep the feet relaxed.

Lift one leg into the air as if you are stomping the ceiling. Control the lift up and down. It’s like you are pressing your feet into the ceiling. You do NOT need to flatten the foot—a relaxed foot is just fine. Bring the leg down to starting position and then do the other leg. Repeat.

Do 2-3 sets of 10 lifts (each leg does 10)


Lift both legs into the air at the same time. Keep the legs apart (heels not touching). Control the lift up and down.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps

My son wanted to join in the fun :)

Here is a view of how high (or maybe how low!) my leg actually lifts. It’s not very far off of the floor.


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    Love the photo with Sammy :) I just did some of your “moves” yesterday morning before church. I did one really similiar to this one – the one like you are swimming on your belly? Not sure of the name! Keepem’ coming – I love these!

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