New Move Monday: Slide & Glide Abs Combo! {Video}

I told you a while back that I created a new ab routine using the gliding discs. (my newest favorite piece of exercise equipment) I finally got it recorded! If you don’t have gliding discs, feel free to use 2 carpet squares or 2 paper plates. Remember to dig the heels into the discs as you move and keep the core anchored down nice and tight to the floor!

You can do this routine with me, or take each exercise and add them separately (or together!) to your own routine!

Watch the video one time through and read the detail of each exercise below before doing it!


(Click here if you can’t see video)

Here are the basics exercises:

♦ Knees to Chest: Slide both knees to the chest. Add the upper body by lifting it or reach around to the ankles to make it harder

♦ Mountain Climber Legs: Quickly move the legs right and left while digging the heels!

♦ Jumping Jack Legs: Move legs out and in as if you are jacking.

♦ Slide up and around (REVERSE): Bring the legs up through the center and swing them around (wide) and repeat. Then REVERSE the movement

♦ 2 Leg Side Slide: Bend both legs as you bring them to one side and then back down. Repeat. Move to the other side.

Repeat combination again! Rest as needed.


  1. Janine says

    I really like this workout! I don’t have disks, so I used yogurt container lids 😛 Thanks for all the workout video and tips you give! I am also so encouraged that you incorporate spiritual aspects to it! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Tracey B says

    Love it! Thanks for the great workout – I really like those disks, might have to get some :) Otherwise paper plates will have to do for now. Think I will do this at the end of my sculpting workout today!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Think of anchoring the bottom side of the abs to the floor which would then scoop out the belly…as if you took an ice cream scoop to the belly and scooped it out. Breathing is important but it will come as you get the body movements. Generally you exhale on the movement, inhale on the preparation.

  3. Moya says

    Clare, I really love all your videos & I also really like that your doing alot without needing alot of equipment. Maybe someday you could put all your short videos on 1 dvd so we can do any of them when, or were ever we go! Thanks again, and they really look fun (I will be trying them all when I ‘m feeling better)

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