New Move Monday: Raised Single Leg Lunge

I didn’t have a chance to record the new abs video I teased you about on Facebook, so instead you get this! I went on a run this weekend and brought my camera. You can do this exercise during a run (if you are wanting to add some strength training) or even at the gym! (This is where I do it, holding weights) If you do it at a gym, use a bench or even a big exercise ball! (You won’t get as much strength or power using the ball as your body will be compensating for balance)

This is one move that will immediately start to tone up my legs, especially when I add the “ADVANCED” option to it!

(Instruction below the picture)


Find a spot where you can raise one leg. Take one leg and stick the toe firmly onto that raised area. Take your other leg (standing leg) and move it out away from the middle of the body. Be sure to keep the legs hip distance apart. Hands stay on the hips unless you are holding weights.

Bend the standing leg into a lunge. The leg propped up should also bend. Press through the heel of the standing leg as you stand up. Hands can stay on the hips or you can raise them (as seen in picture) to make it harder. Do all reps on one leg, then switch legs. The deeper the lunge, the harder the exercise.

REPS: 2 sets of 10-12 lunges, each leg

ADVANCED: If you are holding weights, drop them to the floor. Jump off the floor with the standing leg. It doesn’t need to be a huge jump! Come down with CONTROL. DO NOT allow the elevated leg to move from the bench. Nail it down! Use the arms to help you leap up in the air!

I like to add the advanced at the tail end of a normal set. Do 4-6 hops each leg and feel the burn!!

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  1. Jenny says

    Thanks Again. I don’t know how you come up with so many variations of things. I love getting new moves from you to add to my routines. I like this one. Especially with the jump.. I have been practicing single leg jumps just bending the leg I’m not standing on up and using it to kinda pump up as I jump to get a little more height and coming down on the one leg and keeping balance. You really have to hold your abs tight to keep control I found. Can’t wait to add this variation!

  2. Mary Ann says

    Thanks Clare for this exercise. I’ve been doing walking lunges and other leg press machines at the gym for a long time, this move really gave me a good burn ! Looking forward to more toned legs!

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