New Move Monday: Cardio Burst #2: Party Rock Legs & Abs

Here is another burst you can add into your at home workout routine or at the gym. Your heart rate will get up on this and you will also feel the burn in the legs!

The Basic Moves in this Video:

♦ Squat with a Circle Knee

Start with legs wider than hip width apart, with toes pointing out a little. Squat deep and as you stand, circle the knee around. Make a full circle with the knee and get it up nice and high. Squat down and repeat on the other side. Hands can stay on the hips or hold them in front of the face to make it harder. (16 reps)

♦ Punches

Punch forward right/left and up/down. Rock from the hips to engage the core. Keep the lower body strong and stable with a wide stance. *Do NOT stand up. Keep the legs in a squat (16 reps)

♦ In/Outs

Keep your legs in a squat position and move the legs quickly in and out without standing up. Hands can stay on the hips or can be held in front of your face. (16 reps)

Repeat as many times through as you’d like!

(Click here if you can’t see video)

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  1. Jenny says

    Awesome! I can’t wait to add this to my routine. I do karate and this will be a great warm up to get ready for our intense kicking routine. Thanks!

  2. Kimmy says

    aww clare that makes me miss class with you…sorta!lol seriously I will definately try out those squats though!! you look great girl!!!!

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Aww! I love you Kimmy! I’ll take you anyway I can–even if that means over coffee and cake!! xoxo

  3. says

    I’m just now taking the time to watch that video! That looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to try it. I love the cues you give – not too quick and not to late – just perfect.

  4. Liz says

    Can i do all of this pregnant? Or should I not jump? If no jumping, what else? Maybe arms, circle legs the entire time?

    • Clare@peak313 says

      I would say that the squat with leg circles are going to be hard with the belly. I remember having to remove those from my workout when prego with Lila.
      I would continue the squats or just do a really low leg circle.

      Punches are fine.

      In/Outs are fine, but I’d probably stand up as opposed to squat, and do them. Jumping is fine, but this far along in pregnancy it may not feel comfortable esp if you haven’t been doing that.


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