New Move Monday: Butt Blaster

You want to lift and tone your rear? Try this exercise on for size. You’ll feel it right away, especially in combination with other lower body exercises done the same day!


Grab your exercise band and go to the floor. Take both ends of the band in one hand and loop the same side foot in the band. (Be sure the band is nice and WIDE across the middle of the foot)

Place your hands on the floor a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep the lower abs and back nice and tight. Don’t let them arch up or sink down. (To modify, hold the band closer to the middle of your body as opposed to directly under your shoulders)

Extend the leg that has the band straight behind you. Think “up and out” with the heel. Control the leg back in and repeat. Hold onto that band tight!!

If you really want to get crazy, pop up to your toes instead of resting on your knees. Yikes!

Do 2 sets of 10-12 extensions (each leg)

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  1. Kim A. says

    I’ve been using this one, (and the second day, I was thinking, man, what did I do to make my muscles so sore? BINGO!), but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right? Do I just lift the leg in the band (to make it parallel with my straight back) or do I want to bend it all the way back in (to almost “match” the other kneeling leg) and then extend it back out straight again?
    (I’ve been doing the “bend, extend” one and my knee seems to hurt….) I do already have knee problems (WAAAY better than before, though) and it’s hard for me to find many butt/ thigh exercises that are easier on my knees!
    Thanks for sharing! (BTW, I love the “ball pass” for abs–it’s tough, but it works!! My kids laugh at me that I look like an insect!!!!!)

    • Clare@peak313 says

      Hi Kim!
      I had to get on the floor and try this out to figure it out!

      The move should be extend the leg straight back, then bring the knee to the chest, then extend straight back. There is no additional bending of the knee, although that would be a fine add to the exercise.

      When you say your knees hurt, is it from them resting on the floor or is it from the bending?

      Glad you enjoy the ball pass!! My kids get a kick out of 90% of my exercises!


      • Kim A. says

        Thanks, Clare. That’s what I thought (bend knee back in rather than just lift-and-lower straight leg)….my knees probably do hurt from kneeeling doing this exercise. Official diagnosis: “knee mal-alignment” (thank you, three pregnancies!) but (the Physical Therapist-recommended) strengthening my thigh muscles and (is it called the IT band?) has been helpful. Thanks!

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