New Move Monday: 1 Year Birthday Workout!

It’s been 1 year since I started “New Move Monday“! I’m not sure if you all enjoy reading (and doing!) all the new exercises, but I do enjoy sharing them and inspiring your workouts!

In honor of the 1st year birthday, I decided to put together a full body workout with a few ” New Moves”. Enjoy and if you like it, please share!!


Please see the specific instruction for each of the exercises below.

1.) Decline Push-Up

2.) The Surrender

3.) Stomp the Ceiling

4.) Side Plank with Lift

5.) Skater Taps

Click Picture to Print!


  1. Shonda says

    I love your New Move Mondays! I always look forward to trying a new fitness move. I really don’t work out too much, but I just started doing Zumba and I have done walking videos, but your quick and fun exercises are so refreshing and you are so enjoyable to watch that I just love “hanging out” with you on New Move Mondays! Keep ’em coming!

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