My Trip to Savannah, GA!

Friday morning, I flew to Savannah for a childhood friend’s wedding. It was my first trip there and it was fantastic! I met my parents, sister and niece there so it was a half-family vacation! (My in-laws came in for the long weekend to help out my hubby in watching the kids at home.) I had 2 hours of sleep Thursday night so I was running on fumes Friday, but there was no way I was slowing down!

I have SOO many pictures, but I felt the need to limit them for your sake! :)


Our hotel room was on River Street. Had a beautiful view!

I didn’t get a chance to do the Paula Deen tour, but I did go by her gift shop and restaurant! (For the record, I DO make some of her recipes!!)

Outside of “The Lady & Sons“…Paula Deen’s restaurant!

I did LOTS of shopping and it was getting warm, so this drink was SO refreshing to walk around with in hand! Strawberry Orange Mint infused water at The Paris Market! (That store was awesome!)

My youngest sister, Danielle, and her daughter (my 4 year old niece, Grace!) went on the trip too! On our way to dinner.

The food down there. Oh my. I’m not a big seafood fan, but I tried a few new things (like shrimp cheese grits??) at “Uncle Bubba’s”, the restaurant of Paula Deen’s brother!

I was itching to get out on a run Saturday morning! The weather and scenery did not disappoint! I think I could’ve taken a picture of something beautiful every 4 steps!

We attended a wedding on Tybee Island Saturday evening. Breathtaking!

My sister, niece and I with my parents! (I also have another sister and a brother!) And no, we didn’t plan on coordinating! LOL!

The reception was at The Olde Pink House. Yet another gorgeous restaurant and the food was outstanding! This is what I ate (it may have been the best mac & cheese I’ve ever eaten) but I also ate off my mom’s plate (pork tenderloin, &sweet potato). I told you I ate good down there!

The beautiful bride, Vanessa!! (She is also one of my faithful readers! She has been working hard for her bridal body and she rocked it in that dress!)

We were childhood best friends! The 2 girls beside me, and the bride, are sisters! We moved away from our hometown almost 20 years ago but still remain good friends!

We left early Sunday morning. Long drive home and was sad to go, but it’s definitely on my list of cities to return to some day…with my family in tow!


Have you ever been to Savannah, GA? I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

P.S. I liked a lot of the food down there, but the Milk Chocolate Gopher Turtles from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen did me in every time. We got one at every turndown of our beds from the hotel. I’m glad I didn’t buy a box because they would probably be gone by now!


  1. says

    I’ve been to Savannah one time and loved it. It is gorgeous! We did eat at the Lady and Son’s restaurant and it was great. I actually went on the Paula Deen cruise back in January. My mother-in-law is a huge fan and paid for me to go along with her! Fun! I also make a few of her recipes and I like to make them when we have company so everyone can enjoy a serving and there’s not any fattening, tempting leftovers the next day. Ha! Glad you had a great time! All the pictures are great!

  2. Teresa says

    I love Savannah! Not only the place of my birth, my entire family lives there. We presently live in Ohio, and hope to one day reside down there. We visit two weeks a year there. The pictures are beautiful, made me a little home sick.

  3. says

    I’m already missing Savannah..have since I left last summer, now I miss it even more..after seeing your pics. The best seafood is found there. Uncle Bubba’s is our favorite. Glad you had an awesome time! I call it my second home…and will return in 3 months 😉

  4. Wendy says

    Lived in Savannah for 12 years, and was born and raised in GA. It is a great place. Next time you go, try the Olympia cafe on River Street. Best calamari and awesome Greek cuisine. The owner Nick is great. Also, Cafe Gelato in City Market, and if you go to Tyber again, try AJ’s for great seafood. The food there rocks! There are so many good places to eat. Also, great history, Fort Pulaski, the Lighthouse, etc. Such a wonderful place. We live in Seattle now, and I do miss it. It was nice seeing your pictures, but I don’t miss the misqutoes.

  5. says

    You look fabulous! You not only have a beautiful family now, but you also come from a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing these pics!

    The bride is stunning!

  6. Vanessa says

    I am catching up on the blog and loved loved reading your savannah post. Thanks again for coming and showing off your awesome dance moves at the reception :-) the best day seriously!!! I am looking forward to getting back to life without wedding planning and married life :-) love ya

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