It’s February 1st! (links, recipe, and more!)

It’s February 1st! Can you believe it?! I wanted to share with you a couple of things!

1.) Last year, I did a little series called “FebYOUary”. I am not going to be taking us through it this year, but I recommend that you look at it, then consider going through it. I believe that the key to success in your health is understanding YOU better! (*NOTE: I am NOT doing this again this year! The images/promotion were from last year!)

I put a link at the top of my website which will make it much easier to reference! Be sure to click each post as there are FREE printables that will take you through each week!

febYOUaryHomePage :


2.) The Time-Warp Wife for featuring my blog post, “A different kind of “Power Couple” on her site! Be sure to check out her site and her new book, “The Virtuous Life of a Christ-centered Wife“!


3.) If you are stuck indoors and need a workout, check out this routine that I created a while back for The Better Mom’s Website. It’s using things that you have around your house! (There’s a free printable there!)

The "Everyday Household Item" Workout :


4.) Need a warm soup? Try this white chicken chili! I’ve got it on my menu for this week!

White Chicken Chili :


  1. Sharon Chism says

    Here’s my story. I hope maybe you can help me. 11 1/2 years ago I got tired of always gaining and losing weight in the yo yo syndrome. I really messed up and had a gastric bypass that went wrong. I wound up in a coma on life support. The doctors didn’t think I would make it but God didn’t see it that way and blessed me with life. When I got better my health was gone. I had to go on disability and retire from the Post Office. I’m still having medical problems. I’ve had 23 surgeries caused by complications from the first surgery. I can’t exercise like I used to because it would cause me a hernia or another surgery. My body doesn’t retain food long enough for me to get the nutrients I need so I take supplements and they to don’t stay in my system as long as they should. I’ve gained back some weight that I need to lose. I’ve had 9 nose surgeries. The last one they pulled my skin back from my head and rebuilt my nose but because of the lack of nutrients it died too. I have a hard time breathing so I mostly stay under a humidifier and 2 vaporizers. Do you have anything that would help me. Thanks. My medical bills have gone to almost 2 million dollars. Thanks so much, Sharon

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