Holiday Challenge: “21 Days to a Hunger-Free {&Healthy!} Holiday!

Hey everyone! Last year I did this challenge and I decided to bring it back again, so welcome to the 2nd Holiday Challenge on Peak313—“21 Days to a Hunger-Free {& Healthy} Holiday”!

I asked you all (via Facebook, last year) what one word described your health (not just physical) during the holidays. I got a mix of responses.

There’s no doubt that we are moving into a season which presents major challenges for many of us physically and emotionally!

The problem:

♦ We are surrounded by food for the next month. It is yummy, unique, and hard to resist!

♦ Food plays a much bigger part in our health than our exercise regime! So all the hard work we’ve been doing can be cancelled out pretty quickly in a one month holiday binge.

♦ There are 870 million* people in the world who are hungry, while 1 in 6* Americans (over 50 million) face hunger. We are gorging. They are starving. Something’s wrong here.

Let’s do something about this.

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Here’s how it rolls:

Starting Monday, December 2nd, I am going to ask you to make a sacrifice so you can SHARE with someone else less fortunate this season! Every time you choose to say NO to an unhealthy habit or YES to a healthy one, I want you to pay yourself! Put this money in a jar and at the end of the 21 days, you’ll donate that to a charity of your choice! (There are many local ones that are fighting local hunger, but feel free to expand to further organizations such as Samaritans, and more) I’ve found that we are more apt to do something hard on our end, on behalf of someone else. It’s why so many people run races for cancer, or orphanages. We can justify our time and sacrifice if it means someone else can benefit from it!

For those of you who may not have extra money to set aside, you can use your time as currency! Volunteer minutes at a local food bank, write encouragement card to someone in need, or bring a meal to a hurting family! There is so much you can do!

(Examples of how to use the note pages!) 

I created these notes for you to print off and write your sacrifices and shares. You will want to do this if you are using time or  act of service so you don’t forget, but I also recommend it for those giving money. I think over the 21 days you’ll see some really cool things. :)

(Click to enlarge and print!)

Here are some ways you can “pay yourself”:

– Saying no to the speciality coffee shop when you are out Christmas shopping

– Stopping at only 1 piece of pie at your work Christmas party

– Refusing the cheeseball and crackers at 10pm whilst Christmas wrapping

The sacrifice doesn’t have to be food related either:

– Going to bed at a good hour instead of burning the candle at both ends

– Choosing “YES” to your workout instead of no because it’s too cold

– Keeping your daily time with God instead of allowing the hustle and bustle of the holiday to cut in

What you need to do next:

– Pray about it. I want you to take this seriously. It’s only 3 weeks—21 days. Since we are dealing more than with ourselves, I think it requires a greater sense of responsibility.

– Consider who could join you. I think this is an AWESOME thing to do with your family! If you don’t want to ask them, then ask your hubby, girlfriend, or neighbor. What a great way to share and serve together!

– Get a container to place your money /notes in (I will use a mason jar) that is visible to you

– Decide which money amount, or service, you will “pay” for your “sacrifice”

– Decide which ministry or non-profit organization you will give your money/service to

– Get some money! It may be easier to pay yourself if you have the money near you

What I’m NOT asking:

– To give up everything yummy this season.

– To share with the world the amount of how much you’ve saved

– To be perfect

What I’ll do for you:

– Provide a weekly spot, every Monday, for encouragement and motivation. We can share what God is teaching us through this challenge.

– Provide some tools for you to use and print off to help you along

– Pray for you! I’m in it with you!

I will also be memorizing these 2 verses during the next 21 days. I created this printablefor you so you can paste on your jar (have fun decorating it!), or keep with you to keep you focused on your goal!

(Click to enlarge and print!)

“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices, God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

As you can see, this challenge is very flexible and can take on however fits with your family. You can give up a lot, or you can give up a little. It’s not my call. There will be days when you are able to say no easier than others.

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This Holiday season does not have to be like all the other ones! You don’t have to walk away from 2013 an extra 5-10 pounds. Why don’t we purpose to walk into 2014 with some great habits established?!

Sooooo. Are you with me?! I hope so! Pray about it, ask a friend and the get yourself ready for next Monday! (Comment below, or if you are a blogger, write up a post and include it below!  I know you’ll be dying to get rid of all that turkey! Gobble, gobble!!! :) )

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  1. Sara p says

    This is a great idea! For some reason I have lost my self- discipline starting the week before Halloween. Tying it in to helping others will definitely be great motivation!

  2. Jen5253 Range says

    What a wonderful idea! I love that it focuses on the positive, which is far more encouraging and motivating to me! So I’m in!!

  3. Brenda Smith says

    Love this! I have about 10 lbs to lose before the end of the year. (My personal goal.). This will prayerfully keep me on the right track. :-)

  4. Lanissa says

    This is so great….I am in on it. I need to work on my physcial health and mostly my prayer life! Thank you for this challenge! It will be great to get back on track and be helping someone else out at the same time! :0)

  5. Laurabell says

    This is a great idea – and how timely! This weekend God spoke to me about why I am sabotaging my weight loss; I have fought the battle of the bulge for 36 years with episodes of eating disorders ranging from drug use, bulima, and binge eating. I have an idea in my head that if I get down to a certain size and/or weight than I will achieve the happiness and self confidence that I have been trying to find. What I have heard God speak to me about was to let go of trying to lose weight for myself, to eat healthy and workout in a healthy manner that is for HIM and today I see this wonderful “challenge”. Praise be to God for all that he does in all the ways he does it.

  6. Jennifer says

    Our church is doing an Advent Conspiracy to Worship fully, Spend Less, Give more & Love All this Christmas season. On Christmas Eve, our whole church will take up a donation to buy farm animals through Samaritan’s Purse. This fits in perfectly as I really do want to be health conscious this year. Thanks so much! I’m in!

  7. Suzanne France says

    What a fab idea! I was actually toying with the idea of giving up watching telly and treats for Advent to instead prepare for Christmas (not the shopping and cooking etc.) and Jesus the great gift from God. This makes it much more interesting and easier to do things for others instead! Am sure I can get my little ones to join in with me somehow too.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely idea!

  8. Barb says

    I just found this and love it! Please count me in the challenge. Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to join in on this challenge.


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