“Frozen” Flutters Video (Core Focused Pilates Routine) & Bday Giveaway!

*** Giveaway Closed!***

Hey all! It’s my birthday today and I’ve made it tradition over the past couple years to gift YOU with a present with either a workout, giveaway, or both! (Here is year 1 birthday post and year 2 birthday post)

I had a total other routine in mind, but Friday as I was playing with my 4 1/2 year old daughter, jamming to the “Frozen” soundtrack, (Because, come on, who ISN’T jamming to that thing?!) I started piecing together a pilates routine to the song “Let it Go”. (I know, the perils of being a fitness instructor. Just can’t stop working out!)

FrozenFlutters & Core Focused Pilates Routine: www.claresmith.me

I’ve been teaching pilates for almost 10 years and it has been pivotal to both my function and look with my health. This sequence is one that is foundational to my basic pilates routine and I think you’ll enjoy it. Of course, you may add it alongside some other core training, or just do it if you only have 4 minutes. I would shoot for doing this 2-3 times a week. The good thing about this is that your daughter (or son!) can join you if they have interest when the song pops on! Nothing harmful about it at all. (Also, you can do most of this with the exception of when we go to our belly if you are prego! I did these exercises all the way up til I was 8 months with my daughter!) And if you are sick of the song, I totally understand! Just mute, or take the quick reference guide beside you and proceed!


Now onto the more fun stuff! I’ve also got a giveaway for you! My friends over at Cross Training Couture (founded by my friend, Michelle Myers!) are giving away one of their tanks to one of my readers! (You may remember them from my post last week here.) And I’m also going to giveaway a 30 minute Skype session with me!  I’ve had quite a few people asking me to do this with them (and unfortunately, time doesn’t permit me to do this regularly) so I thought you may enjoy this! I get so many emails from you all and many times, you just need a 30 minute conversation with me to sort through your questions, so I’d like to offer this to help you out!

Clare's Birthday Giveaway: Share, pin, post, or tweet to be entered! (Check out the new pilates video, too!) : peak313.com

To enter:

– Share this post via Facebook, twitter,  instagram, or pin to pinterest!

– Leave a comment that you did so, and also, what you’d like to ask me if you won the Skype session

I will pick one winner randomly on Saturday, March 22.


Now–off to the workout! The first video is the video in full with NO talking. However, I’d like you to check out the second video where I am explaining a few important things, namely how to MODIFY each exercise.  Keep in mind–CONTROL, tight tummy and remember to breathe! Slow down if you need to at any time! Watch the video one time through before doing so you have a good idea of what’s going on!

(Click here if you can’t see the video)

Now for the modification/explanation video

(Click here if you can’t see the video)

Finally, a quick reference guide for those of you who would prefer to save it to your camera roll or print it off and take with you!

frozen flutters

Be sure to enter your comment below for a chance to win! You all are very precious to me!! ENJOY!!


  1. says

    Hey, girl! Happy birthday! I shared on Facebook. If I win, I want to talk balance – as in when to push it, when to rest, fitting in fitness when I feel swamped already!

  2. Jessica Reno says

    Shared on Facebook.

    I would ask what are some of your favorite exercises when you are feeling too tired to work out…what lifts you up?

  3. Katrina S says

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog and have been waiting one of tanks for so long! Shared on facebook. Thank you!

  4. Annette says

    I shared your post in Facebook. I would love to talk to you about how to balance taking care of myself with taking care of my family. I want to honor God but I get to feeling guilty sometimes when I take time away from the family to exercise! Happy Birthday! My birthday is in April and I’ll be hitting the BIG 50!

  5. Julie Maddox says

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. And thank you for keeping the videos and inspiration coming. Feel like I should be giving you something.

  6. Ashlea says

    ChatHappy Birthday! Shared On FB. Would Love To Chat About Being A Faith And Fitness Motivator To Others.

  7. Cathy says

    Pinned to Pinterest. I’d like to know your strategies when going through periods of extreme tiredness. Was working out consistently and hit about 3 weeks of exhaustion and have really slacked off.

  8. Suzanne says

    Happy Birthday!!! I’ve shared this post on fb.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a tank & a conversation with you! I’ve admired her tanks for quite some time…I have it planned as my first reward when I hit my first goal weight or hit my goal time in a 5k.
    If I win, I’d want to chat with you about what to workout and when…do I hit just arms one day? Just legs another? Do you do cardio first? In the middle of your workout? Or an entire different day? Also, how do you fit it all in? I know so many ask that…I have 3 things I’d like to fit in before the children wake up…1. Bible reading 2. workout 3. shower. :)

  9. Amanda says

    Hey birthday girl =) happy, happy day to you! Follow your blog and FB page; you are a blessing to so many and I am grateful for your gifts. I would LOVE to pick your brain on nutrition and goal-setting. Peace to you! pax, amanda

  10. Helena Schaden says

    Hi Clare…I shared via Twitter! Thanks for the fun video. If I were lucky enough to win I would love to chat about recipes with you. Currently making some changes to my family’s diet and would love some new, fresh ideas! Crossing my fingers!! :)

  11. Jennifer says

    I pinned this post. I’d love to talk about what is enough versus what is too much and how to keep it in check.

  12. Amanda caldwell says

    I shared via facebook. I would like to chat with you about balancing my health with my health for the Lord.

  13. Carla O says

    I pinned to Pinterest.
    I would love to talk about balance… faith, family & trying to be a healthy mama!

  14. Jamie B. says

    Love your site! Thanks for the video and would love the tank too! Shared on my FB page! Happy Birthday 😉

  15. Kari says

    Yay!!! I shared :) I would ask you about your weekly meal & snack schedule. And your weekly workout routine :). Thanks!!!

  16. NeeNah B says

    Happy Birthday! I pinned to Pinterest. I guess my question would be….How do you stay motivated, especially when you’re exhausted?

  17. michelle says

    I shared! I’d ask how do you avoid extremes in health? Either too obsessive or too relaxed. Can’t find happy medium.

  18. Tami says

    Sharing! I’m so glad I came across your Facebook page last week! It was a total God thing! I would ask you how you keep your fitness in check from becoming an idol. Make sense? Excited to try the video with my 8 yr & 18 yr old! Thanks again!

  19. Sheila Allison says

    You are such an inspiration to me, and so thankful I stumbled upon your page a few months back. My questions would be around staying balanced on the health journey I have been on. As a single mom balancing faith, parenting and health, alone has been a challenge.

  20. Melissa B says

    Happy Birthday. Shared on Facebook. I would spend the time on where to start with an exercise program after not exercising for 16 years.

  21. Julie says

    Happy Birthday!! I shared on Facebook! I would talk to you about training for RAGBRAI! 123 Days and counting! I am very excited to do my first RAGBRAI ride!!

  22. says

    Happy birthday!! Thank you for giving us a gift :-) I shared to Facebook and pinterest. I would ask you about building more muscles. I’ve lost 85 pounds since last May, and the last couple of months I’ve been more focused on strength training. I’d love some of your knowledge :-)

  23. Julie says

    Shared on twitter! Not sure if I can narrow down what I would ask you…would just love to chat with you!

  24. says

    I shared on my Facebook page. I would love another tank from cross training couture, but even more would love to chat with you about merging fitness and faith well. I launched a wellness ministry and would love to learn from you, someone who does such an amazing job at speaking straight to readers right where they are at. Happy birthday!!! I’m so grateful for your heart and your ministry!

  25. Stephanie Wilcher says

    I posted this to Pinterest and can’t wait to try it. Happy Birthday! Tomorrow is our youngest’s 7th birthday, so I am icing a cake tonight. I would love to chat about clean eating and converting littles to clean eating. Thanks:)

  26. Jen says

    Happy Birthday Clare!! I shared this post on FB. The video was so neat! I’m going to definitely try it. If I get to talk to you, I would like to know how to get started and to actually stick with it. Have a great night!

  27. Kim says

    Happy Birthday! I pinned the workout on Pintrest. I would love to talk to you about about motivation, food & diet.

  28. Bethany says

    I think I shared on Instagram :-) I would ask about getting rid of my belly. It seems like no matter what I do I can’t get rid of it, grrrrr.

  29. Sarah G says

    Happy Birthday. I gladly shared this on FB. I would love to discuss a routine that would help me lose my weight & not flare up my fibro. I am at a lose on this. Also, ur opinion on wsl for I am scheduled for it.

  30. says

    Happy Birthday!! What a fun giveaway :) I pinned to Pinterest. My username is living31. I’d love to ask you about balancing it all (fitness, faith, motherhood). I often get so focused on one thing and neglect the others. I’d just love to dish about that! Have a fabulous birthday and thanks for the giveaway!!

  31. Debra H says

    I’ve shared the link for the ‘Frozen’ video. You’re such an inspiration; thank you for all you do to serve those you don’t even know! Blessings!

  32. Lisa says

    Pinned it! I would ask you how you balance cardio with strength training. Have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all you do!

  33. Taylor D. says

    Happy Birthday! I shared on Facebook. I love your blog and would like to ask you how you stay motivated and your favorite workouts!

  34. Sarah Wiley says

    Shared this on Facebook and left a comment here before thinking about and realizing I was really probably supposed to leave it here. Anyhow I shared and if I won I’d love to get your input on toning up some extra skin I have after being overweight all my life and finally losing the lbs in this last year.

  35. Alyssa says

    Shared on Twitter! There are so many things I’d love to chat about more :) Hope you’ve had a GREAT birthday!

  36. says

    Oh Clare, what a wonderful idea! It nearly made me cry just to think of it. I just joined the gym but I have no idea where to start. I have so many questions but I am a bit overwhelmed and just not brave enough to ask the folks there for suggestions. I keep my three year old with me when we go but there is a family fitness room where she can keep busy while I use the treadmill, weights, etc. If we were to have a Skype session, I think I would just pick your brain and pray with you. <3 Thank you ever so much for your ministry!
    And maybe, since you can't do this individually, you might, once per month, do a group skype session with your readers?
    Thank you, so much, for helping so many women find a way out of the trenches. You are a blessing!

  37. Diane Willson says

    Happy birthday! I shared this on FB. If I was able to talk with you, I would want to talk about motivation and how to keep a godly mindset as you lose weight (not becoming proud or dressing in a way that draws attention to your body)

  38. Christina M says

    Happy happy birthday Clare! I shared on Facebook. I would want to ask you about nutrition, and how to balance cardio, strength training & pilates.

  39. Twila Smith says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I shared on my fb page. The tank top is so cute! I would like to ask you who inspires you in the christian community and why.

  40. Rachel says

    Love the routine! Sharing on Pinterest.

    I would like to ask you about how you are able to balance life, faith, family, blogging, workouts, working. And how to know when our workouts are for God’s glory vs. something else: pride, etc.

  41. Emily Peoples says

    I pinned to Pinterest! First off, let me say how much of an inspiration you are. I struggle with fitness and my health and never really know where to get started. But it’s so encouraging to see a faith based person like you who’s willing to give up their time to help other’s reach their goal in becoming healthy and fit :) I feel like I would have several questions if I was able to get the chance to talk to you for 30 minutes, but something I really struggle with is healthy eating. I can easily exercise and have no problem maintaining that, but my problem is trying to find healthy, well-balanced meals that go along with my exercise. I’m a very picky eater, so this is something that I struggle with daily and would just love to get your insight on this topic or receive advice or tips from you on how I can start adding a healthy meal plan into my lifestyle.

  42. says

    Oh my goodness this is so cool!! Happy birthday!! 😀 This is an awesome idea! We’ve totally been jamming to the soundtrack all week and had a movie night watching it!! :-) LOVE that movie! :-) I think my daughter would even have fun doing this with me (heck all three of my boys would too….they’ve been singing the soundtrack songs with us, but shhhh don’t tell anyone I said that!) :-)

    I pinned this and will share it on Facebook too 😀

  43. says

    Happy birthday girlie!!! I shared on Facebook!

    If we were to skype- one of my questions would
    Be how to balance it all. I have to be careful for exercise not to become an idol in my life. But sometimes in the business of life with 3 6 and under, homeschooling and being a military family– I can let it not be a priority (and “let it go” in terms of not wanting it to control me)

  44. Cindie Wnquist says

    How kind of you to bless us with a gift on YOUR birthday. May the Lord return the blessings in the same measure you have blessed others…myself included.I will pin your Frozen video on Pinterest.

    I have been on a quest to lose 100 lbs…65 lbs to go. I have tried many of your exercises, but could use additional modification ideas to use until I’m stronger and more fit. I don’t have much upper body strength (planking and pushups are all but impossible).

  45. Kristen says

    I pinned this post. I would ask you about nutrition and eating well. I’d also like advise on increasing flexibility.

  46. says

    I shared the video on Facebook. Thank you great core workout! If I win I’d like to talk about core workouts and overall workouts for optimal health because I am getting married on June 21st and want to be in great shape.

  47. Kimberly says

    Happy Birthday, wishing you a year overflowing with all that brings you joy! Love the workout and the giveaway ….Shared on Pinterest

  48. Sheela says

    Happy Birthday and thank you for your encouragement and Godly insights! I shared this via Pinterest, and I’d love to talk to you about where to start on a healthy living journey…scripture, how to formulate a healthy eating plan, fitness routines etc. Thanks!

  49. says

    So great! Happy B day, girl! My boys actually came running in to see this video. LOL! They are totally into fitness and said you got a good pushup! I love this vid too!

    I have been doing fitness challenges for over 5 years on my blog http://www.faithfitnessandfun.blogspot.com I would ask you how do you keep going and stay motivated after your body doesn´t want to. :) I mean my metabolism is changing the older I get. Having a hard time staying at my peak.

    Thanks for doing this on your Birthday! what a great way to celebrate.


  50. Jen says

    Happy birthday!
    I love dancing with our almost 3 yr old. You get to be goofy and they think your awesome :)
    If I had the opportunity, I would ask you about toning my “muffin top” area. After having our daughter this seems to be more of a difficult area to make progress.
    God bless,

  51. Edna M. says

    Shared on fb. Hope you have a great birthday today! I would ask where to start a d how to keep going! xo

  52. Melissa says

    Hi Clare!
    Happy “Post” Birthday to you :) I posted this to Facebook. I just found your Facebook page this very morning and what an answer to prayer! You’re so inspiring :) I’m so excited to be here!
    If able to chat with you, I think my main question would be how do you “keep on keeping on” when you’ve hit a bump in the road. How do you stay positive and keep God’s truth in the forefront when Satan is so quick to tell you that you’ve failed. If we’re all honest…sometimes it’s easier to hear the yucky than the Truth.
    Blessings to you!

  53. Lia R says


    Shared on Facebook!

    I would LOVE 30 minutes to talk about how you carve out the time, how you brought equipment into the picture (all at once? a little at a time?, how you track things to keep your workouts fresh and how you know when you are achieving your goals and continue the motivation!


  54. Mandy says

    Happy belated birthday! I posted on Pinterest! I would love to discus finding time and also working out while nursing (make sure eating enough calories).

  55. Angie says

    Happy Birthday! What a great way to bless others on your day 😉 I would ask how to get “unstuck” from where I am. Have been on healthy journey but seem to fall off the wagon with sugar & snacks & can’t get rid of 10 pounds :( The harder I work the more I eat so I sabotage all the the good. Pinned & Posted on FB
    Thank you!

  56. Joyce C. says

    Happy Birthday!! I pinned on Pinterest. I would ask how I get started and what to do after taking a very long time off.

  57. says

    I posted on Facebook

    How do I piece together a great workout? I love the full workouts you post but I would love to be able to take those and change them up so that I am working on areas that I need or to make them more challenging. I tend to get bored easily and need to mix things up.

  58. Elizabeth C says

    Happy Birthday! I really LOVE reading your posts…I posted on fb :) If I win the skype conversation, I would ask how you stay focused/motivated after the first week or two of an exercise/eating plan (when you are sore, tired, etc) :)

  59. Julie Phelps says

    Happy Birthday!
    I posted on both Facebook and Pinterest. I would love to talk to you about finding time to work out when you work all day, are a wife and mother. Another topic would be how to fit in daily spiritual habits like reading my Bible and prayer.


  60. Elosia says

    Happy Birthday!! You have inspired me to workout at home more. When I couldn’t make it to the gym I would just consider the day a failure in the health department but now I turn to your blog or youtube to get a workout in.


  61. Katie Thieman says

    Happy Birthday Clare!! Can’t wait to try this routine! And I shared this post on twitter @kthieman and shared the video on my FB page too. I would love to chat with you about all kinds of stuff, mostly what I struggle with most, food.

  62. Susan S says

    I don’t Facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest. But I would love to have a conversation with you regarding, of course, limited time to exercise and prioritization of exercises. Basically if you have 10 minutes today where would you place your focus. I would love to have either the tank or the conversation. Thanks!!

  63. Kathy Boles says

    Pinned to my Pintrest Fitness board! Would love to get your thoughts on the mid-40s metabolism slow down and how to rev that engine again through fitness and nutrition.
    Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  64. anna says

    Happy Birthday! Pinned to pinterest and posted on instagram.
    I would like to know how to get in a good workout with arthritis in one hip and glut medius and sacroiliac joint pain.

  65. Drina says

    Happy Happy Birthday! I shared on FB& pinterest today. I love those tanktops, got one a while back and would love another! Have a very blessed Birthday Clare :)

  66. says

    Happy Birthday Clare! I shared your post on twitter. I always enjoy reading your posts and how you manage to make health and fitness a priority but always make sure your relationship with God is at the core of what you do. Thanks for the encouragement you give us through your blog!

  67. Joy says

    Happy birthday and thanks for this opportunity!! I pinned this to my Pinterest board “Get Fit” :) I would like to ask you how someone with weak adrenals can ease back into exercise. I just get exhausted now when I try to exercise, but I want to jump back in so badly!

  68. Ginny says

    Happy Birthday Clare! Thanks for giving US a gift! I have shared on Facebook and Twitter and re-posted on instagram! There are really two things I’d love to chat with you about. First is how to begin weight lifting. I don’t want huge muscles, but you have beautiful definition in your arms/shoulders and I’d like to know how work toward that more efficiently. Secondly, I’d like to ask how you keep from letting health/exercise consume you. I have become more aware of my eating and exercise, but sometimes I wonder if I’m putting too much emphasis on it. I just want to get your thoughts on balance. Again, Happy Birthday!!

  69. Anita B. says

    Posted! Thanks for sharing! I just watched that movie for the first time this morning…adorbs.

    Question I would ask: Is it okay to have more than one question? I’m always seeking fitness tips for women.

    Also – happy birthday!

  70. grace says

    Just shared on Pinterest (and FB too :-)

    Question: how do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like working out or when you have been away from doing any exercise for a length of time. Thank you!

  71. Natalie B says

    Happy Birthday! I just pinned it! I’d like to know what your routine is throughout the week and how you keep your arms so toned.

  72. Diane M says

    Happy birthday! My birthday is March 19. I look forward to your “birthday workout” each year. By March I really need something new to add to my routine until I can get outside on a reguar basis again. Thanks!

  73. sheila payne says

    I shared this on Facebook. I am 52 (53 in April) and all I do is walk 3 miles a day 5 days a week. I have tried a few other things but I never get very far n my own. I would ask you to help me design a workout to compliment my walking. Happy birthday.

  74. Brada says

    I have shared on Pinterest. I would love to talk to you a bit of everything. Fitness, faith and how to balance it with kids, etc. you inspire me very much in you faith and how well you take care of yourself. Thanks for all you do!

  75. Mindy says

    Happy Birthday! I pinned to Pinterest. I am excited to try this workout. I am having a tough time losing my baby pouch. That would be one of the many things I would ask for your advice on!

  76. Netty says

    I would ask you how to get rid of my belly after baby number 3!!!
    Thank you for the chance and happy birthday :)

  77. Sara P says

    Happy Birthday! Shared on Facebook. I knew you taught classes but I didn’t know you have taught pilates for that long. One of my questions would be to hear your background and education in fitness – especially since you live somewhat near me (NE Ohio). One of my longtime goals is to become a pilates instructor. Love your recent posts on balance – needed that reminder for this week.

  78. Mandy says

    Shared on fb. Happy birthday! What r some of the best exercises to get rid of baby stomach fat and tighten loose skin?

  79. Julie Reynolds says

    i shared on facebook, tweeted on twitter and pinned on pinterest! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  80. says

    Shared on twitter (@girlgrowsup) Loving Frozen. March 22 is MY bday, so it’d be fun to win.

    I’d have two main questions…How much protein should I actually be eating based on my size and workout routine…and is does cardio just make me hungrier?

  81. Ira'n Meche says

    Posted on Fb and pinned on Pinterest. Happy Birthday and thanks for your inspiration! How do you balance prayer, family life and teaching Pilates as well as other fitness classes? How do you stay motivated?

  82. Jill says

    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for posting this. I had a baby about 6 weeks ago and I really need to start exercising so I have more energy and feel better about myself. I look forward to doing this workout.

  83. Valisa says

    I just tried this it was so fun with theistic and so hard. I didn’t realize how out of shape I am. Than you for doing this!!

  84. Genoa says

    I pinned on Pinterest, which also shows up on my facebook feed.
    I have to think a little more on what I would want to chat about. Probably finding a good balance with being happy with the body God gave me (I have always struggled with my weight) and too concerned with fitness and health.

  85. Lyndsay says

    I shared this on Facebook. I would ask you how to do a workout that would lift my backside but not make my legs huge!

  86. Wendi Barber says

    Happy birthday — from one March baby to another. Thx for.your great workouts. Can wait to try this one.

  87. Aanda Sergentm says

    Shared on Facebook! I would love to skype with you during our Made to Crave study at church Wednesday night! There’s only 8 of us ladies that have committed to putting God first, craving Him and not food. What a hard journey it has been so far!! We are halfway through and sure could use a pep talk! 😉 Thank you for your posts everyday. God bless you!

  88. Lanna says

    Love your blog. Great info! Awesome tank! :) Just moved across country solo & picked up emotional/stress/eating. love to get my mind off of it & more strength workouts.

  89. Farrah Benson says

    Happy Birthday! Love your page and site!!! As a mom of 4, special ed teacher, and Army spouse (now hubby is retired), I enjoy your posts and words of encouragement! It’s inspiring and uplifting when you are trying to take care of everyone, you remind to take care of me too. The healthier and happier me makes for a healthier and happier family :) God only gives us what he wants us to grow from and knows we can handle…. Thank you!

  90. Tiffany says

    Shared on Instagram :) and I tagged you there.

    I would love to chat about how to start fitness classes at churches.

    And Happy Birthday!

  91. Sarah C. says

    Pinned the post! Would enjoy posting about a new (shortish) ab workout to add to my running routine to add tone/definition. Also would like to talk running…and starting to train for a half marathon!

  92. Kimberly says

    Hi Clare,

    Shared on Pinterest. :)

    I’d love to talk about how to find my forgotten abs after 4 c-secions and hernia surgery! Even some of those “super easy ab workouts” can be killer (and not in the good way) for someone like me. Oh and maybe a little arm talk. Bat wings at 32 are just not cool. :)

  93. Jessica Salonga says

    Shared! This is so great! I would ask you questions at warp speed to get as many in as it could 😉 but if love to know your thoughts on meal planning!

  94. Misty Raley says

    You rock!! This is such a fun routine. Also happy birthday to a wonderful and gorgeous daughter of the King!!

  95. says

    I shared on interest and Facebook!!!!! I would LOVE to talk with you on Skype!! and just chat about all things fitness, blogging, Jesus, workouts, devotions, and life as a mom and fitness instructor!!

    You are a GEM and i just adore you!!! 😉


  96. Kelly says

    I shared. Thank u for sharing. I would probably ask u more about your faith as it relates to your fitness goals.

  97. Karen P says

    Hope you’ve had a fun filled and blessed birthday! I would like to ask you about how to really sort through all the types of nutritional plans to connect with genuine health as well as the faith and mental motivations, especially as an older single, when getting back into fitness and health. Blessings!

  98. Tricia Marble says

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the blessing and encouragement that you are to us. The tips on cooking, fitness and spiritual health- they all go together. You are a blessing and encouragement to so many. I am sharing this on FB- Tricia McEntire Marble

  99. says

    First, Happy Belated Birthday! I love pilates though I am just restarting my exercise program. I was doing good until I had to have bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery and elbow surgery in 2013. I saw a post on Facebook and would love to find pilates routines that are taught by a Christian. I would just love you to talk to me about how to get back on track and stay there – – tips, tricks, hints and how to incorporate this with Christian music – – I even love to just dance to Christian worship music and get in the presence of God – – – getting my spiritual and physical needs tapped at same time. God Bless

  100. Lindsey Cunningham says

    Hi Clare! Happy Birthday! :) Thanks for another awesome workout video/tips. This was my first Pin on Pinterest. I would love to pray with you and talk about balancing it all (faith, fitness, motherhood, etc.)

  101. Denise M says

    I shared this post on FB!!!! If I won, I would love to chat w/ you about my current fitness plan and healthy eating and cooking! Thanks for the opportunity!
    AND A Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!

  102. Katherine says

    Hey Clare! I shared and commented to enter the giveaway last week, but just now got around to doing the workout. I have a question though – my hips hurt so bad when laying on my side doing the flutters! I put a blanket under them which helped a little but they still hurt. Any suggestions? Sometimes I feel so old and busted and I’m only 28! Haha :) Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Katherine! Very normal! Probably the most common complaint at first.The more you do it, the less you feel it. If after doing this consistently 2 times a week or so for 2-3 weeks you still feel it, let me know!


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