Clare’s Fav HEALTHY EATING Tips!!!

I posted my favorite GET MOVING tips here, so now it’s time for my favorite HEALTHY EATING tips!

1.) Wear tighter pants. Some of you may say, “hold on…that’s me every day!” but I’m sure you’ve adjusted your pants to your actual size. When I need to, shall we say, lighten up a little in the midsection, I wear a pair of pants that are a little more than snug (this is while I’m at home) so that it’s a small reminder when I reach for that cookie I don’t need. It really works!

2.) Never sit down with a BAG of food (or quart of ice cream!). Always pour out a portion onto a plate or a bowl. Then if you want seconds, you’ll have to actually get up and pour more which will hopefully help you  have some thought into that second helping.

3.) When you are hungry, first drink 8 oz of water and wait 10-15 minutes. A lot of times we confuse hunger with thirst. Go ahead and eat if you are still hungry after that.

4.) When you are out to eat, try and order off of the kid’s menu. I know, I know–you aren’t 12 or younger, BUT you’ll find a lot of places aren’t strict about that, so just ask! If they say no, then no problem. Some places have some really good choices on their kids menu instead of the basic hot dog and fries and they are better portion sizes. Also, think kid’s menu on DESSERT. Not only is it a smaller portion, but it’s CHEAPER!!! Score!!!

5.) When you get hungry and reach for something to eat, I want you to think through something instead of just mindlessly grabbing something. Ask yourself if you are wanting something sweet, salty, crunchy or smooth? A lot of times you are trying to quench a craving and you choose a “wrong” item and then find yourself going back for additional food. If you make the correct choice the first time, then you’ll save those extra calories.

6.) If your meal allows it, make it in jumbo muffin tins. I love this because not only does it help you with portion control, but it’s so neat and clean for leftovers and clean-up!! Google some recipes and you’ll be surprised at what you can do…(meatloaf, mac&cheese, apple dumplings, etc etc)

7.) Take a day of the week and PLAN and PREPARE. This has helped me so much. How many times have you bought a bunch of broccoli, or a package of peppers, or even some strawberries and had them go bad because you didn’t eat it?(and you grabbed for something less healthy but was more convenient?) Try and take an hr (or less) to prepare snacks for your week. I take peppers and make them into slices and put them in a small glass of water in my fridge so they are easy (and pleasant to look at) to grab. Same thing goes with portioning out almonds or nuts, or even pretzels into sandwich bags so you can grab and go!

8.) Always start your meal or snack with a protein and build from there. I can’t stress how important this is. Think nuts, peanut butter, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or eggs. Protein will give you the staying power (and building power for muscles) that you need to keep you from getting hungry as quickly!!

9.) Put your meals on smaller sized plates. I do this usually at home.  It doesn’t take as much to fill it up and I’m less apt to overload.

10.) If you aren’t sure about correct portion size, or don’t have the self-control for the regular size, purchase the pre-portioned food items. For me, I am a sucker for the purple bagged Cadbury eggs that come out around Easter. If I buy a normal sized bag, I will eat the whole thing in 24 hrs. Really. So I have to pay a bit more money per ounce and buy the smaller sized ones so that I don’t go crazy! It’s the same thing with cookies, nuts and even cheese!

So tell me. What are some of your favorite healthy eating tips?
Pick a tip and implement it this week!


  1. says

    Really like the meal in muffin tin. Great portion control idea. You are so right about protein first. When I think I’m needing a snack I always go for a spoon of reduced fat peanut butter and that curbs the snacker in me.

  2. says

    OH LOVE this post! I do number 7 all the time – buy healthy food and then there it sits while I eat my pretzels! Not good! Also, I LOVE the kids meal idea!!! I remember you suggesting this years ago to me and I did it for a while and then went away from it – I need to return to this thought! (the one thing I ALWAYS do is get the jr. kids cone at Dairy Queen – while my kids get size small lol!!!) Thanks chick!

    Great stuff! I’m gonna repost it on my Women Living Well facebook right now.
    Love ya,

  3. says

    I got this link from Courtney (Women Living Well) & have to say, awesome post! Theres some awesome ideas on there. Many I already do but some I struggle with and needed reminders of!!! Great post! Thanks :)

  4. says

    Have salad dressing on the side when you go out to eat and stick the tines of your fork in it before taking bite instead of smearing your salad with dressing.

  5. Niki says

    These are great. I use a small plate, but the muffin tin is brilliant! My biggest problem is snacking everytime I go through the kitchen, which is all day long. Lol! I would love to print this!!

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