(3rd) “Living and Active”: Wk 5 “Marathon Minded” +Checkpoint #4

"Living and Active" Soul Food: Week 5 (1 Thess 5:23) | peak313.com

We have come to our last week! Can you believe it?! These 5 weeks have flown by for me. We will have one more checkpoint next week, so be sure to do that in order to be eligible for 1 of the 3 grand prizes! FIRST: Time for week 4′s check-in! (Soul Food: Proverbs 4:23/Psalms […]

(3rd) “Living and Active”: Wk 4 “Heart Healthy” +Checkpoint #3

"Living and Active" Soul Food (Week 4) Proverbs 4:23

Are you all still with me?! While the number of check-ins have decreased a little, I still have almost 500 of you still with me, so if you feel alone–you aren’t!!! Moving right along into week 4! FIRST: Time for week 3′s check-in! (Soul Food: 1 John 2:16/Psalms 107:9) Please fill out the quick form below. IMPORTANT: If […]

Craving Conquerers: {Guest Post by Candace Cameron Bure}

Craving Conquerers (Guest Post by Candace Cameron Bure) : peak313.com

We have a very special guest today talking about our Key for Week 3 of the “Living and Active” challenge: craving conquerers! Candace Cameron Bure’s biography is filled with many many accomplishments, fame and excitement, but the awesome thing about her is that she goes much deeper than all of those.  She is uniquely gifted and placed in this […]