{31.3 Jump} Week 4- FINAL WEEK + The “J.Lo” #1 (Video)!


Well ladies. You’ve done it! We are in the final week of the {31.3 Jump}! 1.) Time to check-in! How did you do last week? 2.) I’ve got your printable this week and another video! This is my most requested exercise in my classes and even though the pain is great, the excitement for it […]

New Move Monday: Upper Body V-Series with Band


I’m not exactly sure what happens to me when I get in front of a camera, but I’m all of a sudden….nice?! I do NOT teach like this in front of my class—at least from what my students say! This exercise will work the upper body: chest, upper back, shoulders and triceps!! It’s easy to […]

New Move Monday: Push-Up with a Band

Clare's exercises Dec2008 017

I’m just gonna tell you right now. This is hard. It kills me everytime I do it! However it is one THE BEST tricep workouts out there! Work your way up on the reps and don’t be ashamed if you can’t get a lot done at once! ♥♥♥ (Instruction under the picture) Get on all […]