New Move Monday: Core Challenging Tricep Extensions

Clare pregnancy exercises 001

I didn’t have a lot of time today to take new pictures so we are pulling back into some old pictures I took a while ago! I took this as part of a group of exercises while I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child. Many people aren’t sure what they can do while […]

New Move Monday: 2 Point Tabletop (pregnancy)


You can do this exercise, pregnant or not!! This will work your shoulders, core and rear end/legs!! ♥♥♥ Get on all four’s. (Do this on a mat or towel if this bothers your knees) Take one light weight (2-5 pounds) in one hand. Lift your arm with weight straight out beside you while extending the […]

New Move Monday: Plank Shoulder Taps

Clare pregnancy exercises 003

You can do this exercise pregnant or not, but as you see below, I demonstrated it while pregnant with my second! This is a full body exercise, however you will feel the intensity in the abs and lower back. ♥♥♥ Get on all 4’s on the ground. Lift your knees up (or keep them to […]