My favorite end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall, fit activities!

If there’s a time in my life where I’m most excited to be outside, it’s right now. The season is starting to change and it’s like God is beckoning us all to come out and enjoy His creation! Knowing that winter will be at our doorstep in a few short months (and will it ever, […]

New Move Monday: The “Side Street SCORCHER” Workout


I’ve been attending an outdoor fitness challenge/running class once a week over the summer with my running partner and friend Leslie. It’s so much fun even though it challenges me to no end! We run all over our town doing Indians runs, hill runs, sprints, bodyweight exercises and more. Last week we used some of […]

Partner Track Workout

Partner Track Workout:

My friend and running partner, Leslie and I did this workout this morning! You can do this with a friend or even your hubby (or older child!!) REPS: Do each strength exercise for 30 seconds (or start in smaller increments and increase as you get stronger!) Do this routine 1 or 2 times through depending […]

New Move Monday: 1 Year Birthday Workout!


It’s been 1 year since I started “New Move Monday“! I’m not sure if you all enjoy reading (and doing!) all the new exercises, but I do enjoy sharing them and inspiring your workouts! In honor of the 1st year birthday, I decided to put together a full body workout with a few ” New […]