New Move Monday: Med Ball Taps (video)

New Move Monday: Medicine Ball Taps |

“New Move Monday” has been in hiding for a while–it’s time to re-emerge! When Candace was in town a few weeks ago, I put her through one of my typical workouts. We taped one of my favorite active rest/plyo moves so I want to share it with you! When I do my weight routine, it […]

My real life workout today: 4/23/12


I didn’t get a chance to do New Move Monday. You name it, it happened. But that’s ok, because I figure that you might have an interest in seeing exactly what I did for my real life workout! I exercise at a college gym and I honestly think the dudes in there think I’m insane. […]

New Move Monday: Tricep dips with a medicine ball

New Move Monday: Tricep Dips w/ Medicine Ball |

There aren’t many people who enjoy doing tricep dips. They are difficult, but they are very effective. Here is a twist on the basic tricep dip. Remember, you can take a basic exercise move and add something to it to take it to a whole new level! ♥♥♥ (Instruction below picture) Find a location that […]