21 Days to a Hunger-Free (& Healthy!) Holiday! (Free Download!)

21 Days to a Hunger-Free and Healthy Holiday: www.claresmith.me

Hi friends! It’s time for another challenge—well, sort of.  I used to lead this 3-week challenge live but last year, I decided to make it available to you to do on your own. So I’ve got all the information for the “Hunger-Free & Healthy Holiday” challenge available for FREE download! Here are the basics: There’s […]

Why “the resistance” is worth it…

the better mom

“Clare, ____ is so hard. I keep trying and failing. It’s a daily struggle for me. Why can’t the situation be easier?” The open blank will look different for everyone. Maybe it’s an addiction of yours, a certain issue in your marriage, your weight, or your self-confidence….Follow me over to “The Better Mom” where I […]