Birthday Bash Giveaway & New Full Body Video!

**Giveaway CLOSED**

It’s my birthday and I want to celebrate with you! You can win 1 of 2 prize packages!

Package 1:

– “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure

– “The Good Wife’s Guide” by Darlene Schacht (paperback!)

– A pair of fabulous jeans from “Vault Denim

Package 2:

– “Every Body Matters” by Gary Thomas

– Jillian Michaels’s “30 Day Shred” DVD

– 2 hair accessories from Lilla Rose

– A sample pack of all 3 flavors of Shakeology from Michelle Myers!!

To Enter:

– Leave a comment below letting me know which body part you want to shape up for the summer!

– BONUS ENTRY: Tweet, facebook, or pin the giveaway the video & leave an additional comment below letting me know you did that!

(Giveaway will close Friday, March 23rd at 9pm EST)

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Clare’s Fave Full Body Workout #1 (Video at bottom!)

Here is the first video I’ve created that you can do with me! These are some of my favorite exercises and I do a workout like this multiple times in the week! You can loop this video once, twice or even three times through depending on how much time you have to exercise! (For each additional loop you do, increase the amount of weights you lose to really blast the fat!)

I didn’t explain the exercises in detail during the video to spare time, but I want to do that. So here is an outline of the exercise and some key points. (I recommend you watch the video first before doing it!)

♦ Curtsy Lunge with Shoulder Raise

Lunge back as if you were curtsying. Lift the arms into a shoulder raise. To modify, lift one arm then the other. Keep the chest lifted and core tight!

♦ 4 corner hops

Imagine a square on the ground. Jump with both feed to each corner. Land gently and use your arms to propel you up. To modify, make the square smaller.

♦ One leg lat rows/lat flyes

Stand with one leg planted firmly to the ground. Bring both arms up beside you into a row. Squeeze as you lift the arms up. Switch legs and do a lat fly. Take both arms out to the side. Gaze stays to the ground the entire time and sink into the standing leg.

♦ Skater Taps (or ski hops)

Tap side to side landing gently. Make the taps bigger to make it harder. ADVANCED: Tap and then touch the ground.

♦ Bicep Curl with Leg Extension

Do a basic bicep curl. Keep the elbows close to the body as you curl. Lift one leg and extend it as you curl. Keep the leg nice and high. Switch sides and do a hammer curl (thumbs are towards to the ceiling). Lift one leg and extend as you curl!

♦ 4 corner hops

♦Tricep Pushup with hover

Go to your knees on the ground. Place your arms in and back for a push-up. Drop down as your elbows shoot straight back. Keep the chest lifted as you move from your hips. Move directly into a hover as you straighten the arms and bend the knees. Hover them over the ground.

♦ Skater Taps

Work it sisters!!! :)

(Click here if you can’t view video!)

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  1. Shonda says

    I want to work on my stomach! I would love package #2. Happy Birthday, Clare. LOVE your videos! I try to do them every week.

  2. Rachel says

    I’d love to tone my legs more for summer. I already have the 30 Day Shred and love it…I’d love to win package #1!! Happy Birthday!

  3. says

    lower ab area, inner thighs and triceps! Sorry – that is more than one area, its classic “lost alot of weight” toning that I am working on!

  4. Patty Cooper says

    Clare – Happy Birthday! I love everything you post on Peak313! You are always so encouraging and give great tips! I’m looking at getting more definition in the bicep area. God bless you and your ministry!

  5. says

    I just had a baby a week ago, but I’m already dying to get back in shape. Can’t wait to do all your videos when I’m cleared with my midwife. Tummy and thighs are my trouble spots.

  6. Jill says

    I’m due to have munchkin #5 in early to mid September, so I would like to focus on overall strengthening and staying as fit as possible throughout the pregnancy to make getting back into my routine a little easier. I guess if I had a problem area it would be my tummy, hips, and inner thighs.

  7. Robyn says

    I want to tone my abdomen, thighs, and butt!! I’m 44 and mommy to a 15mo old toddler …need strength training to keep up with my little guy!

  8. says

    YAY! Thanks for the giveaway AND the new video! :)) Happy Birthday!!

    I’m working on getting “my girls” in shape. Yep. There’s actually a lot of work I can do physically and nutritionally to prepare to nurse my adopted baby:)) Hopefully other body parts will tone/shrink in the process…. but my main motivation is being as ready and healthy as possible whenever we get that phone call from our adoption agency :)

  9. says

    I have lost 60+ pounds that wanted to hang around after baby #2 and am pretty happy where I am but my lower abs are the area I need to tone the most after 2 csections. I love your website!

  10. Mary Beth says

    I need my all over body part..hahaha…But my lower half, legs and butt. Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. says

    I would love to focus on being smaller in the stomach and I WOULD LOVE FOR MY GLUTEUS to be smaller. I have battled with loosing weight for years, i’m often discouraged and I dont want to give up. Lord help me, I could use this win!! I’m going to Tweet and PIN this giveaway :))
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Mariel Augustine says

    I really need to work on my core after 3 c sections&
    No real excersize for a long time. Please help!!
    Abs, booty& legs for me (:

  13. Katrina says

    I need help all over, but my stomach is the biggest problem after 3 c-sections. Love all your tips and videos! Thankyou

  14. Judy says

    My whole core. Recovery-I need to learn how to get rid of the acid after the work out so I don’t get sick after 5 days of working out anymore.

  15. Ashley says

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
    I definitely need to work on my abs and thighs. I know I can get my abs more toned but have always had a problem with my legs.

  16. Debbie says

    Happy Birthday Clare, and what a blessing you are! I would like to strength my core and tone my legs. Thank you!

  17. glasaeg says

    Which body part do I want to shape up – all of it of course, but I really need to focus from the waist down.

  18. Caroline says

    Arms! …since I already have a routine for legs and abs :)
    Thanx for the chance to win! Would love to win pkg #1

  19. glasaeg says

    Repinned on pinterest and shared on facebook – so all my “girls” can take advantage of this great workout!

  20. Tammy N. says

    My legs and butt need some major toning. Just subscribed to your blog. Going to do some of these workouts to get back in shape! Happy Birthday!

  21. Heidi J says

    From the knees to the waist…need to lose the flab and get my muscles back. Gravity is taking its toll.

    Happy birthday and thank you for the video and opportunity to win prizes!

    I’m also retweeting you

  22. Gail Parrish says

    I need to tone everything. Currently on a diet ( lost 10 lbs so far) and need to get a workout schedule going. I could definitely benefit from this. Thanks!!!!!!

  23. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLARE!!!!!! Thanks for all you do and this giveaway! I would love to work out….EVERYTHING!! LOL I am loving your videos and tips! I am still going strong and losing weight each week!
    Hope you had a blessed birthday!

  24. Amy W says

    After 3 c-sections, I’d like to tone up my abs. My upper thighs need help as well! And I LOVE your videos!!

  25. Sarah says

    Ok Clare, I’ve reached my “goal” weight, but still have some nagging-sagging going on. I really don’t want to lose more “pounds” but have some funky-chunky blah-ness around my pelvic bone/hip area. That extra chunk is preventing me from fitting in the pants size that the rest of my body is ready for. How do I fix that? Everyone tells me it’s never gonna go away and that it’s the product of my several births…but I don’t want to accept that! Help?

  26. Debbie says

    I will be 50 next fall so I have several goals (which get harder as you get older), but predominantly abs and thighs. I’m working to run a 5K, I’ve never run a day in my life!

  27. Heather says

    Hi Clare…I have been following your blog for about 6 months now and 2 weeks ago finally got up the courage to get off the couch and get started, thank you so much for the inspiration. I have lost 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks, and I really want my tummy fat to go away by summer, thanks again and hope you have a blessed birthday!

  28. says

    Happy Birthday Clare!
    I am very overweight and would like to take some inches off my stomach. My goal is to have more energy and to fit into misses size clothing again instead of women’s plus size.
    Blessings, Becky

  29. Jennifer says

    Happy Birthday!….would LOVE to tone up and shape the chest muscles for this summer. They sometimes just get overlooked! Thanks for entering me!

  30. kimmya says

    Would love to work in my flabby belly love handles and inner thighs. Thanks clare! I would live to win package 2! I posted in fb too.

  31. Summer says

    My belly, arms and thighs still need a good toning! Love the sound of package two and will repost your giveaway post! Thank you! :-)

  32. says

    Definitely my tummy, though it will be a slow process starting this summer since I will have a planned c-section in April. (Also have a colostomy which means I have to be careful getting my core in shape step by step.) :) After a winter of pelvic joint pain I am really looking forward to lots of stroller walks with Noah and the new baby (and hopefully hubby too as much as possible). Nothing beats going for long walks during spring and summer when flowers are popping up everywhere! :)

  33. Ivory says

    Having had a baby 9 months ago I would really like to tighten up my abs but everywhere could use a lot of toning…package number 2 looks like it could help me in that. Thanks & happy happy birthday..have a great one and a blessed year. Ivory

  34. Cynthia says

    abs – so they fit into my jeans, not over the top! But, I really want to strengthen my upper body. And – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  35. Ivory says

    shared on facebook…praying i can get back into the swing of my workouts…so easy for me to scrap it with a 9month old, 2 yr old and home schooling a 9 and 8 yr old….am gonna try hard to start back up…thx for encouragement.

  36. Kristan says

    My goal is to get my heart healthy, but the visible parts I’d like to get in shape first are my tummy, thighs, and arms!

  37. Jenny says

    My goals this summer are my thighs and back side. What two really cool packages to win. Thanks for a full workout. Can’t wait to try it out.

  38. DebraT says

    I finally got my husband to say he will take me to NYC so my goal is to be fit befor I can plan my trip and this workout will help me.

  39. says

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby any day now and I know that my abs (and a few other places) are not going to go right back to normal so I could definitely use the help.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a splendid day!

    I shared the video on facebook!

  40. Netty says

    I would like to work on my stomach (having a baby in April!!!) and my firming up my butt!

    Thanks for the chance :)

  41. Sheila says

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    I pray the Lord cause His face to shine upon you on this special day. I pray that all your family, friends and pour out Christ’s everlasting love on you today.

    I have a birthday coming up in a couple of days. Which brings me extremely close to 50 years old.

    I know one cannot “spot reduce” but the quads, hamstrings, triceps and latissimus region are areas that I want to tone this year.

    This new workout had me out of breath; so maybe my lungs need work too…:)

  42. Rox Anne Krakowski says

    I would love to tone my abs for the summer – after having my daughter they just aren’t what they used to be! :-)

  43. says

    I would love to lose my belly fat! I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember…but have finally started feeling the motivation to do something about it. Because of my bone structure, I know I’ll never be a size 2 (probably not even a 4 or 6), but I would LOVE to get down to an 8 or 10, to have more energy to play with my daughter, and to feel GOOD about myself again!

  44. Christine M. says

    This is a FANTASTIC giveaway. Happy Birthday to you! We appreciate the giveaway (so therefore, Happy Birthday to us?!)

    I would really love to shape-up my thighs (ugh) and my jiggly arms (ick).

  45. Sheila B says

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is a blessed one!
    I need a total body workout. Just so frustrated and trying so hard!
    I’d love to win your birthday contest!
    Have a very blessed birthday! :-)

  46. Emily says

    I just had my second baby and 2nd csection so need to work on my stretched out belly In a major way!!! I also had a shoulder replacement a year and a half ago which has mad working out a challenge-I’m looking forward to getting my healthy body back-physically, mentally and emotionally!!! What a great gift!

  47. Colleen says

    If I can only choose one body part, it will be my perfectly round tummy area. However, the rolls above and below the round tummy all need help. Of course, these logs of legs holding up these abundant body areas also need some major reduction. The flabby arms supporting the hands that are typing this are not wanting to be left out, so please put them on my list too! Not wanting to be selfish but I so need the help. Over 60 and struggling.

  48. Elizabeth says

    I’m due with #3 in May, so this summer I would like to get EVERYTHING back in shape! Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  49. Kylee says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I need to work on my tummy :) and get my general fitness level up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Valinda says

    I’m 62 years young, and trying to be the strongest Nana I can. Problem area? I guess my back “fat” bothers me most. I love the look of a sleek back and shoulders!

  51. says

    So excited to have found your website! I want to shape up my thighs this summer. I love my calves, but I wanna tone my thigh muscles a bit more.

  52. Brenda S says

    I want to lose the weight off my entire body so that my back will slim down. I know that I can’t just lose weight in one spot.

  53. Dory says

    I really really need some smaller legs…


    Hope your day was delightful…thank you for being so sweet and blessing one of us with a gift of fitness…(would love it if it was me – teee-heeee)

  54. Robyn P says

    Oh what DON’T I want to shape up…um….I guess my arms are in need of a shape up. Thank you so much!

  55. Steohanie says

    I would love to tone up my whole body. I am down to a good weight and healthy eating but things just change after 2 kids so It would be great to win one of these awesome packages. Thanks for sharing with us =D

  56. says

    Maybe a better question would be, What part of my body DON’T I want to shape up for this summer? I’d say belly and booty are my top areas to focus on, with arms a runner-up.

    Happy birthday!

  57. says

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! Can’t wait to try your new workout. I want to tone all over but especially my abs and my arms.

  58. christa burton walker says

    I am working on a few things for this is getting some abs back after the third baby and the other is my overall health and well being. Love the inspiration from your blog Clare!

  59. Michael Kelley II says

    I’ve decided to walk at least 3mi a day from now on. I’m now 32 and need to take fitness more seriously. But my answer to this will be my abs. I don’t need a 6 pack but a flat stomach will be great!

  60. Amy says

    I know you can’t “spot reduce” but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD what can I do about saddlebags??

    Happy birthday! And that’s awefully nice of you to give away gifts for your bday!! :-)

  61. Sandy trotter says

    My behind and legs!!
    My birthday is in a few weeks and I am happy to say I am getting in the best shape I have been in in years.

  62. Laura L says

    I need to shape up my bum!!! Doing lots of squats and lunges with some results. A very hard area after having kids :)

  63. Joy L. says

    After 6 c-sections, I surely need to do something about body :) Need to work on area between my waist and my knees, along with a total overall body toning. It’s long overdue, but I need to work on ME :)

  64. Melanie says

    I really need a whole body work over, but more so in the stomach area as well as legs and arms. I really need to get rid of some weight and toneup. You really make the moves look so easy! Would appreciate winning one of these packages. Hope you had a very happy birthday.

  65. Heidi C. says

    So fun! What an exciting way to start the season! I am looking to shape up my heart. Due to some injuries I haven’t been able to do much exercise for the past couple of months and am just feeling out of shape in general… So I’m looking to strengthen my heart both literally and figuratively. Diligently seeking the Lord and physically running the race to get the prize of taking care of the temple that the Lord has blessed me with!

  66. says

    Thank you for making these videos! It helps me so much to really see how an exercise is done. I really appreciate it. Due to some circumstances with my body my midwife’s recommendation is that I really need to strengthen my core. So that is my goal and looking for ways to do that. :)

  67. Amy says

    I really need to work on my 45 year old tummy! I have lost a few pounds recently from watching my food intake and running (I am training for my FIRST EVER 1/2 marathon race in May), but that tummy is pretty stubborn. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  68. Blessed Mom says

    I would love to get my whole body in shape for the summer. After 3 pregnancies in 5 years my stomach could use the most work.I

  69. Angela says

    I would love to just have a more active and healthy lifestyle for the summer! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway!

  70. Heidi says

    I am always working on thighs and glutes. I also am an aerobics instructor and it has been fun getting your blog with new ideas.

  71. Laura says

    Thanks for your videos!!! I would like to work on my core, after the latest baby it’s the area struggling, and I’m concerned about my back.

  72. Lia says

    Can I say “all of them” or do I have to pick just one? :-D. Right now I’m just working on getting into better shape in general, and losing a bunch of baby weight, but my most troubling spot is my tummy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. says

    I would love to tighten my stomach and define my abs more! (Though Pilates has already got me working on that!! :)

    I shared on Facebook too!

    Thanks Clare :) (And Happy Belated Birthday!)


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