An October Picturefest

There’s no Shed & Share today but I’m going to leave you with a picture review of my October. It was unbelievably crazy!

{My 2nd half-marathon!}

I had a rocky week coming up on the race. Got sick and had some new body pains. Not fun, but such is life.

Getting my race packet at the expo!

I finished a few minutes slower than my first race, (1:59) but that was ok. I was just happy to be done and honestly, just felt blessed to be able to run 13.1 miles with such strength and endurance!

My running partner and friend since college, Leslie!

I also got to meet up with my best friend from elementary school. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 15 years, but have kept in contact via facebook. It was her first half-marathon so it was doubly wonderful when we saw one another minutes after completing it!!

{Our 8 year Wedding Anniversary!}

Dinner at our favorite spot!

{Family Wedding}

My kids were in my husband’s cousins wedding. They were so cute!

My nephew, my daughter, my son, my other nephew!

Hubby, my (tired) little guy and me!

Worn out! On the way to the reception!

{Relevant Conference}

I know you’ve heard plenty of about my trip to Relevant, but if you happened to miss it, you can read more here.


Jessica, Darlene, Janelle, me and Courtney!

{Trick or Treat!}

We always call our kids Brother and Sister Bear so this was a perfect fit! (I don’t know how many times I said through this project that I wish I knew how to sew!) LOL!




  1. says

    I love how you just casually mention running a half! It’s such an undertaking for me. Maybe I talk about mine too much. Haha.

    Cute pics with your hubby. My hubz is very tall too and I’m very short. :)

  2. says

    LOVED ALL the pics – thanks for letting us “peak” into your life a bit more fully – I feel like I know you – oh wait – I do lol!!!

    I see some fashionista in there – especially the Berenstein Bear look – would have been a great “What I wore Wednesday” lol!!!

    Keepem’ coming girlfriend!

  3. Kim A. says

    Cute Bear picture! Your husband is a good sport! Love the creativity!
    Way to go on the 1/2! (I ran 6 miles today and I am sick, too…don’t think I could run a 1/2 being sick!)
    ~Kim A.

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