A 31:17 Arm Workout {FREE Printable}

If you are part of a Good Morning Girls group, then you are probably going through the book of Proverbs, chapter 31. This week we come upon verse 17 which says,

“She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.”

Strong arms? She needs them and so do we! I created a “31:17” Arm Workout for you, complete with a free printable and demonstration video! Visit me over at Good Morning Girls to find out more!


  1. Amy Talbott says

    Clare, I really like your Proverbs 31:17 arm workout. As I was going through the verses this morning I thought of you and my own exercise, fitness journey. I really appreciate the free printable. I saved it to my Kindle. So I can get to it easily. Thank you so much for your hard work in teaching us your creative ideas.
    Amy T

  2. Damaris says

    I really like this workout….alot!! Ok so i’m struggling with a neck injury i’ve had for years and this is something that has helped me in the past. Upper strength training so i can’t even tell you how great it is to see this reminder today. I’m off to do these right now in my own backyard!

    :) ~D

  3. says

    I loved your post from good morning girls. I read it this morning and did the workout for my morning fitness routine. I loved it. I loved that it was a quick routine. Thanks for the great workout Clare.
    I think from here on out every time I do arms I’ll think of this verse from proverbs 31.

  4. says

    Hi Clare! I am SO excited that you are posting on GMG!!! LOVE that. Love your workouts and so happy that you are guest posting there now too. Awesome. And I love the incorporation of our study with this workout!!!

  5. Michelle says

    Hi Clare! Thans so much for this awesome workout! I did it today at the gym, and added in some elliptical as well.

    I don’t have an HRM yet, so I was wondering if you might have a ballpark number for how many calories this type of workout would burn? Thans. :)

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